We would be able to drive you to maximize the speed of recovery with us. We work towards our 3P policy, which is Professional, Persuasive, and Persistent that is the key to our approach. While carefully remaining compliant with the BNM’s Fair Debt Collections Practices as well as the FSA 2013, it is the hope of us at Mercantile, that we can assist our clients to recover their unpaid debts.

We are totally committed to provide the best quality debt collection services by utilizing the skills of our highly experienced, persuasive, persistent and professional recovery officers & by using the latest debt recovery computer technology. We set high standards throughout our commercial debt collection operations and pride ourselves in providing an effective, efficient and fair debt collection service.



We work on a “No Recovery No Fee” policy. No upfront fees are charged upon our appointment as your appointed Third Party Debt Collection Agency. We take pride in maintaining our “Zero Tolerance” on Customer’s complaints. Following is our value proposition:-

No Recovery No Fees
  • Prior to commencing collections work, it is important for our team to have sufficient knowledge on the type of account to be outsourced, ageing, company background and other relevant information;
  • We would be able to deploy a dedicated team for your portfolio and the team size is based on number of assigned accounts, ageing of accounts and location of accounts;
  • We would be able to provide a faster turnaround time as the dunning activities are being conducted internally which results in faster payment proposals and processes which requires quick decision;
  • Variety of collection reports are available on a daily, weekly and monthly basis and can be customized to the required format;
  • We emphasize on Skip Tracing as we have the ability to trace debtors who have gone missing;
  • In the event where telephone calls and pre collection letter/ reminder letters do not achieve the desired outcome we could turn to our pool of Field Officers to compliment our recovery service;
  • Our Annecto DMS online system helps us to monitor the performance of our recovery officers and client has the same access to the system via internet..
  • Nationwide coverage – Due to the nature of the business, Mercantile has expanded its business by opening up branches in major town for field visitation as the main call centre is based in Kelana Jaya / Klang.


  • Pre Collection Letter/ Reminder Letter

    A collection letter or reminder letter allows a debtor/ to save face much more than a personal telephone call. In most cases, we use a series of collection letters which have been approved by the respective client to request payment of the overdue account. Each subsequent letter should get progressively firmer.

  • Account Receivable Collections

    Account Receivable Collections is the process of collecting a delinquent debt amount from debtor/ defaulter, usually from an individual or even corporate entity. We are totally committed to providing the best quality debt collection services by utilizing the skills of our highly experienced, persuasive, persistent and professional credit officers & by using the latest debt recovery computer technology.

  • Field Visitation

    Mercantile has access to a range of experience field officers to compliment our debt recovery service and visitations are conducted in a professional manner. A personal visit to debtor/ defaulter work place or residence ensures that the best results can be achieved.

    If the person we are looking for is no longer at the given address, our agent will canvass the immediate area for further information, and provide a detailed report.

  • Skip Tracing

    Skip Tracing is a process that uses investigative skills where we work closely with corporate agency and government bodies to reestablish communications with transient debtors.

    Skip Tracing is the single most important process employed in the recovery of delinquent receivables. We have the ability to trace debtors who have gone missing or absconded in order to avoid paying debts. By organizing all available bits of information regarding the debtor on our computer system, we are able to develop effective strategies for the diligent pursuit of negligent debtors.

    Once the debtor/ defaulter have been traced the account will then be transferred to our Recovery department for follow-ups.

  • Attorney Services

    Attorney Services are the collection of early accounts (as early as MIA 2) using the services of our legal partner namely Ariffin Raj DeSilva. Using a variable pattern of both letters of demand and phone contacts, made by our officers, debtors are newly motivated to resolve their outstanding issues. A high-debtor contact, customer service oriented approach to legal collections is deployed, proven to generate significant payments from debtors. These contacts do not threaten any legal action.