In the current economy more companies are looking at developing are looking at developing and improving how they can recover their debts and one way to recover is to outsource collection to a collection agency.

The chart below shows how important it is to place accounts quickly for collection. The older an account gets the less chance you have of collecting your money.

90 days75%
6 months55%
9 months43%
1 year55%
2 years43%

% = Chance of Recovery

(This chart applies to commercial accounts only and each client will vary)


Business Goal

Our goal is to increase profit of your business by collecting unpaid debts on your behalf.


Mercantile takes great care in hiring and training of all personnel to assure that professionalism is maintained at all levels. We emphasis to only hire those who are experience in their field and our main objective is to recover monies for our clients and at the same time to maintain a good business relationship.